Learning to Fly by Lisa Liebermann

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I tried to get my ducks in a row but it was a mess. I tried to move forward but a giant goose got in my way. I tried to fly but I fell flat on my face.  I was down but I picked myself up.  I was kind to myself.  I think I'm almost flying now.

This bottle is all about conception and the hazards of bringing something imagined into physical reality.  I am expressing my endless fascination with time and the unfolding of events.  Aspirations are what I am exploring here, focusing on the task at hand with discipline and trying again every time one makes a mistake.

I referenced the parable of The Snow Goose by Paul Gallico which is symbolic of the regenerative power of both friendship and love. The figure sheltering the goose is inspired by Sinead O' Connor.
There is a ball in this bottle which I placed inside before I narrowed the neck. It has an inscription on it. I do not remember what it says.  It is a mystery.

I was not the only potter involved here ~ there is a hatchery section with small holes which a potter's wasp had created as a nest within clay from my studio which I then fired and included into this bottle which is indeed very special to me.

I invite you to hatch your dreams, reach for the stars and to fly

Narrative ceramic vase: Approximately 40cm tall

Shipping and installation not included

Artist retains copyright on all work